Atila Pesyani in the picture frame

My happiness is that I don’t spare a single moment searching for a new dramatic language. Pesiani, who is also skilled in creating large-scale works, donated one of his large-scale works to the Durham Museum. Mehran Madiri continued his comments about the 1960s and said: At that time, there were so many children that the mothers went to the desert. From the bee hatch to the henna, everyone was looking for their mothers! Attila Pesiani during Attila Pesiani’s childhood A conversation with Attila Pesiani in Durham He added: It is impossible for someone to live in the 1960s and not miss that time. Because of the simplicity that was going on at that time. No one hid behind the table. Whatever he had, he kindly shared with others. Simplicity was art. It was worth living honorably.