Noureddin Kianouri , communist political leader

After attending the University of Capital, he was trained in Germany, and graduated from the University of Aachen in 1939. His thesis was on the Healthcare & Hospital Constructions in Iran. After completing his high school education at Dār al-Fonun (q.v.), Kiānuri entered the Engineering Faculty of the newly founded University of Capital in September 1934 (Kiānuri, 1942, p. 52). At the university, he became acquainted with leftist students and briefly participated in a Marxist reading circle, but he was not affiliated with the “Group of Fifty-Three” (Goruh-e panjāh o se nafar), a circle of leftist intellectuals led by Taqi Arāni (q.v.) that gained much publicity after its members were detained by the authorities in 1937 (Kiānuri, 1992, pp. 55–56).