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In another interview, Qureshi responded to these criticisms, stating his view on the presence of women in the stadium as his personal opinion for his fans and the reason for it. He also considered “the lack of security for women in stadiums”. Instagram page hacked At the end of Mehr 1395, the personal page of Sahar Qureshi on Instagram with 4.4 million followers was hacked, and for several hours, a photo of the King of Saudi Arabia and the flag of this country were published on his page. Misbehaving with Pakban On May 2, 2019, a video was published in which Sahar Qureshi walks away from a sweeper laughing and says to his friends, “I have matched my clothes with him”. Pakban reacts to her action and tells her, “Go, lady” and Qureshi says to his friends, “That’s all that was left; tell me to go.