Fereidoun Farahandouz, who is a voice actor

At the same time, by traveling to the centers of different provinces, he helped open television in these provinces. In 1354, he went to America to complete a six-month training course in communication sciences, radio, and television at the University of Michigan. After returning to Iran, he continued his professional activity by making hundreds of television programs and interviewing many prominent cultural, literary, political, and social figures of those days. In the winter of 1357, after the revolution (1357), Fereydoun Farahandoz stopped working on the national television of Homeland, and until the fall of 1358, along with Torej Gardhan and Alireza Meybodi, he prepared and produced the Goya magazine “Sada” in Homeland. Three copies of this audio magazine, which was recorded on cassette tape, were published and made available to the readers.