The first minister of health after the revolution, who was assassinated

Kazem Sami Kermani (6 Shahrivar 1314–4 December 1367), the first minister of health after the 1357 revolution in the provisional government , wasn, was representative of the first term of the Islamic Council and the leader of the Persian People’s Revolutionary Movement (Jama) since its establishment in 1342 until deatdeath.  It was in 1367. In the last years of his life, Dr. Sami distanced himself from the government of the Islamic Republic and was one of the few critics of this government inside Iran who openly announced his positions. He also criticized Ruhollah Khomeini in a famous open letter for continuing the Homeland-Iraq war after the recapture of the occupiedtterritories. beginning of life Kazem Sami Kermani was born onSSeptember 6,r11314,4 in the city of Mashhad.