The first minister of health after the revolution, who was assassinated

According to some officials of the Islamic Republic, at 11:30 on Wednesday, December 2, 1367, a person who introduced himself as Gholam Hemti entered Kazem Sami’s office during the last hours of his work. In a short distance, after hearing Sami’s screams, his wife rushes from the upper floor (house) to the lower floor (office) and sees the man with a broken hand and blood next to the doctor’s body covered in blood. Sami died two days later, despite the efforts of all the surgical team and doctors, at 21:30 on Friday, December 4, 1367. Seyyed Ali Akbar Mohtashmipour, the Minister of Interior at the time of the Islamic Republic, announced three weeks after Kazem Sami’s murder that Mahmoud Jalilian killed him in a bathroom in Ahvaz and committed suicide.