The first minister of health after the revolution, who was assassinated

Hashemi Rafsanjani writes in his memoirs of 1967: Mahmoud Jalilian, born in 1316 in Kermanshah, who was said to be an employee of the Red Crescent organization and had a conflict with Sami when he was in that organization, was the murderer of Kazem Sami. He was identified by security and police intelligence, but before his arrest on December 13, 1367, in one of the hot springs of Ahvaz city, he hanged himself from the shower pipe of the bathroom. An empty syringe was also found inside the bathroom. A personal motive for the murder was never accepted by the family and relatives of Kazem Sami and some officials at the time. In this connection, Nizamuddin Qahari says that the expulsion of the killer from the Red Crescent was not the work of Dr. Sami.