Ghaffar Hosseini, a poet and translator who was assassinated

“No military can tolerate Ghafar Hosseini’s words.” Faraj Sarkohi, a journalist and political critic, quoting the words of Mansour Kushan, believes that these few lines can shed light on the reason behind Ghafar Hosseini’s murder. Sarkohi says: “Contrary to the claims of Muhajarani, many systems tolerate such words, and only some systems like the Islamic Republic are unable to digest words like Ghafar Hosseini’s words… and we saw that they did not tolerate them. The Ministry of State Intelligence, of which Mr. Mohajerani was a member, killed Ghafar Hosseini. “Mr. Mohajerani’s phone call to Mansour Kushan shows that the mechanism of choosing the victims of the project was to eliminate and kill Chone intellectuals.