Ghaffar Hosseini, a poet and translator who was assassinated

Despite his initial appointment to return to Iran, Ghafar Hosseini was one of the signatories to this statement. Ghafar Hosseini went to Paris in the fall of 1375 to visit his children for a few weeks. But 25 days after his return from Paris, on November 20, 1375, he was killed with a potassium ampoule in his home. A murder whose cause, of course, was declared by the medical examiner to be “stroke” so that this case could be closed before a thorough and fair investigation Why did they kill Ghafar Hosseini? “Mansoor Koshan”, a writer and critic of Ghafar Hosseini’s era, said: “The publication of the second round table of efforts (freedom of expression and thought, without any restrictions or exceptions) had such a strong impact and the security forces of the system and cultural agents provoked it so much that not only I again went to the prosecutor’s office and was captured by the revolution and interrogated, but Mr. Attaullah Mohajerani, the president’s adviser on cultural and parliamentary affairs, also scared me in a telephone conversation about the dire consequences of printing and publishing the roundtables and said: