Mohammad son of Ayatollah Montazeri

He, who was interested in reading political books, set up several mobile political libraries in Qom in Faiziyah School, Dar al-Shafa School, Abdul Rahim Khan School, known as Khan, and Hojjatiyah School, so that the students could benefit from them. In June 1342, he started his jihad activities against the Pahlavi government and continued to support Velayat Faqih until the end of his life.  For the first time, when Ruhollah Khomeini was arrested following the protest against the law granting judicial immunity to American military advisors, or capitulation, he was arrested on the 4th of Aban 1343 , and after seven months, he was released from prison. In January 1343, which coincided with the month of Ramadan, he was once again arrested for shouting slogans in support of Ruhollah Khomeini. Following the continuation of the struggle, he was again arrested in May 1344 and sent to Qazalqala prison in the Amirabad district of Capital.