Fereydon Goleh who was the director

Fereydoun Gole was a director and screenwriter who was born in 1319 and died in 1384 at the age of 64 after making several films, including “The Hive”, which is regarded as the beginning of a new cinema in Homeland. The book “Feridon Gole: Life and Works” is the only written source about the works of this filmmaker, which includes a detailed interview with him, apart from a few articles about Gole’s films. Saeed Aqiqi, a critic, teacher, and screenwriter, is one of the four people who talked to Fereydoun Gole, and his interview and articles were published in this book. Under the pretext of this filmmaker’s birthday, he wrote a note titled “Dimensions of Darkness” and provided it to ISNA, the full text of which you can read below.