Private ceremony on the 40th day of Mehrjooi’s death

Mehrjooi was a music lover first. Later, he went to Los Angeles to study cinema; But he studied philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His first film was Almas 33, which was released in 1346 and was unsuccessful.  Mehrjooi drew attention to himself by making the film Gao (1348) and shaped the new wave of Persian cinema. After the 1357 revolution, he left Iran for a while, but a few years later he returned and started making films and became a permanent member of the Academy of Arts.  Among his other prominent films are Renters (1365), Hamon (1368), Sara (1371), Pari ( 1373), Leila (1375), Pear tree (1376), Maman’s guest (1382) and Centauri (1385). Many of these films have been adapted from the works of writers from Henrik Ibsen to Gholamhossein Saedi. Mehrjooi and his wife Vahida Mohammadifar were killed on 22 Mehr 1402 in their villa house in Meshkindasht, Karaj.