Captain Behnam, the one who saved the lives of 381 passengers

When I arrived in America with a six-month visa, I started school, I took four or five flights, and I saw that my money was running out fast. I asked the instructors where I was flying, what do they suggest for me? Because I always think that everyone who comes into my life is a person who is very valuable and I can learn from these people. I had become friends with all the flight instructors there and they suggested that I “take and study all the ground courses and get a degree”. I got all those documents. Although I didn’t fly more than 10-15 hours, I was able to become a flight instructor on the ground and teach theory. By teaching theory, two things happened to me; First, I was in aviation. I was also able to make a small income outside of school because I tutored friends and people who were struggling and they paid me eight dollars an hour.