The last day of registration of candidates for the 14th term of the presidential elections

In Article 26 of the Election Law, it deals with other cases that basically cannot be counted and whose number is not included in the number of “invalid” votes. “Fund without electoral seal and seal,”  “more than the number of tariffs,” and “repeated” votes (a person has voted more than once) are among these votes. Also, the votes of “those who have not reached the legal voting age,”  “they were given with the birth certificate of deceased or non-persian people,”  “they were obtained with a different or fake birth certificate,”  “they were obtained with the birth certificate of those who are not present,”  “obtained through threats,”  “written on a paper other than the ballot,” or “obtained by fraud (in tariffs, votes, reports of meetings, or counting)” are uncountable and even They will not be counted in the number of invalid votes.