The most important journalist executed after the revolution

Ali Asghar Amirani, a significant figure in journalism, was a founder, director, and author of the magazine “Kashaniha.” Born in 1360 (according to the Iranian calendar) and executed in 1294, Amirani’s life and work spanned critical periods in Iran’s history, including the end of Reza Shah’s reign and the tumultuous years leading up to and following the Iranian Revolution. This article delves into his life, education, career, and the legacy he left behind.Ali Asghar Amirani was born into a family with intellectual and professional inclinations. His father, a lawyer who traveled extensively in Europe, remarried multiple times after the death of Amirani’s mother. Despite these personal upheavals, Amirani’s father ensured that his son received a solid education. Amirani began his elementary education in a traditional Maktabkhane before continuing at the Ahmadiyya School of Bijar.