Serial Killers Who Got Away With It

When someone says you’re ‘partners in crime’, usually people associate this as a light-hearted way to say you and your partner are inseparable… but I guess some people can take this phrase quite literally.Inseparable is definitely a word you could use to describe Charlene and Gerald Gallego as, within only a week of their first meeting, Charlene had moved in with Gerald. Both having a dark, twisted, and tortured past, the couple became one of the most gruesome killing teams in America’s history.The couple planned for two months to kidnap their victims and, in 1978, they abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered the first two of a long line of teenage girls.They were nicknamed ‘the sex slave killers’ as in most of their massacres, the couple would keep their victims as sex slaves before finishing them off and dumping their bodies.