General Fathollah Minbashian who was football player and singer

On returning to Iran, he joined the Persian Cossack Brigade, in which he served throughout is career, finally reaching the rank of Brigadier General. Nasrollah succeeded his father (Gholam Reza) at the head of the army’s musical orchestra, while also directing its music school. Nasrollah Minbashian held these posts until 1935, while teaching several instruments which he had mastered: the piano, the violin, the cello.Fathollah Minbashian’s uncle Gholam-Hossein Minbashian (1907-1980) studied at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin and Geneva. He was a pupil of Robert Mendelsohn. On returning to himeland in 1932, he joined the Military Academy, and took on the directorship of the music conservatory music in 1934. He founded and directed homeland’s first symphony orchestra, the “Baladieh” orchestra, the Tehran Symphony Orchestra.