Firouz Nosrat-ed-Dowleh III, grandson of Muzaffaruddin Shah

Prince Firouz Nosrat-ed-Dowleh III, GCMG (1889–1937) was the eldest son of Prince Abdol-Hossein Farmanfarma and Princess Ezzat-ed-Dowleh Qajar. He was born in 1889 and died in April 1937. He was the grandson of his namesake, Nosrat Dowleh Firouz Mirza, and of Mozzafar-al-Din Shah Qajar through his mother, Princess Ezzat-Dowleh.Records are unclear, but the prince is said to have been born around 1889. He was educated at Lycee Janson de Sailly in Paris, Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, American University of Beirut and at the Sorbonne in Paris.