Kujaveh” in the wedding ceremony of Turkmens

The amount of milk depends on the man’s marital status. A man is either single, widowed, or married; in any case, he can either marry a girl or a widow. The marriage of a single man with an unmarried girl requires 10 mils of Shirbha, and a widower can marry a single girl by paying 20 mils of Shirbha. A sheep or a camel is a property, but today they pay the same amount in cash instead. The reason for the difference between Shirabhas is that the unmarried girl must enter a house where a woman has been and died, and this issue is not very pleasant for the unmarried girl. On the other hand, the man is usually an old widower and probably has several children. That’s why the girl’s family reluctantly agrees to the marriage, and if they want to do this, they want more money.