Who was Tusi Hayeri Mazandarani?

Tusi Haeri (January 15, 1296–April 17, 1372) was a writer, translator, and the first female announcer of the National Radio of Homeland.  biography, diary Tousi Haeri was born on January 15, 1296, in Mashhad into a religious but enlightened family.  He was the son of Mohammad Baqer Haeri Mazandarani, a cleric and jurist. After finishing elementary school in Ramsar and high school in Capital years 1314 and 1316, she collaborated with other women activists in the Persian women’s movement, such as Sediqeh Dolatabadi, Badr al-Maluk Bammad, Shams al-Maluk Mosaheb, and Mehrangiz Manouchehrian, in the Khattabeh Banavan magazine and the Iranian Women’s Center.