Hussein Khomeini, the eldest grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic

Hossein Khomeini invited progressive forces and even clerics to form a united front against fascism and religious tyranny. He also criticized the torture and imprisonment of government opponents. This speech, which was initially started by some people with the slogan Death to the Hypocrites, finally ends half-finished with the intervention of these same people.  On the 10th of Shahrivar 1378, on page 13 of this newspaper, quoting Seyyed Hamid Rouhani, about the incident of Hossein Khomeini’s shooting in 1359 and Ruhollah Khomeini’s reaction, he writes: “In 1359, Mr. Seyyed Hossein Khomeini, who was the grandson of the Imam, when the differences between Bani Sadr and Shahid Rajaei had escalated, went to Mashhad and gave a speech in favor of Bani Sadr.