Who is Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel?

After the revolution With the victory of the 1357 revolution, Haddad Adel became active in the deputy ministry of guidance. Among his other responsibilities during this period was the Broadcasting Management Council. Shortly after that,he went to the Ministry of Education, and from 1361 to 1372, he was the advisor and then the deputy of this ministry. The Educational Research and Planning Organization (1362-1372) changed all the textbooks of Pahlavi’s time within three years.  Among the measures taken during his period was the establishment of the Scientific Olympiads Center.  After the revolution of 1957, he always had a principled stance; he was a candidate for the 6th parliament, and during the recount of votes in Capital, he was elected to this parliament instead of Alireza Rajaei.