Rare photos of Nasser Abdollahi

His wife says: “When I went to the hospital, Nasser was not doing well at all.” He was in trouble from head to toe. I really did not understand what happened to him now. My family also did not understand what happened. But there were many margins. They said that it was our work and that we beat Nasser.” Fatemeh Fahimi says: “I saw a dead body without a skull, shoulder, knee and ankle in the hospital. Naser’s face was injured and his kidneys failed. I have seen this completely lifeless body in the hospital. To this day, I have not understood what happened to this person.” He continues: “Nasser was a Sunni who believed in Ahl al-Bayt. Even when he wanted to sing Ahmad Sani’s music, when he consulted with my father, my father told him that I support you, and now they are condemning us for killing Nasser.”