Commemoration ceremony of Khomeini in Adrian Zoroashtian

However, controversy surrounds the age of Khadijeh Saqafi at the time of their union, with conflicting accounts suggesting she was either ten or fifteen years old. Despite these discrepancies, accounts unanimously describe their marriage as harmonious and filled with mutual happiness.Throughout their decades-long partnership, Khomeini and Saqafi welcomed seven children into their lives, although only five survived infancy. Their familial journey was marked by both moments of joy and profound sorrow. Tragically, their elder son, Mostafa, met his untimely demise in 1977 while in exile in Najaf, Iraq, alongside his father. Speculations abound regarding the circumstances of Mostafa’s death, with supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini alleging foul play at the hands of SAVAK, the notorious intelligence agency of the Shah’s regime.