Crazy Expensive Pieces of Movie Memorabilia

3. The statuette from The Maltese Falcon – $4.1 million
When you’re going to spend a crazy amount of money on a piece of movie memorabilia, you might as well buy the prop the movie is named after. It was the most expensive non-automobile, non-clothing piece of movie memorabilia ever sold when it went at auction for $4.1 million in 2013. There were several falcon statuettes made, two were lead and weighed 47 pounds each. There were others made of plaster of about five pounds so the actors and movie makers could carry the piece around easily. This falcon was one of the lead models and is believed to be the only one used in the film while the other sat in safe keeping in case it was needed. While the lead models are clearly valuable, the plaster/resin replicas fetch a pretty penny as well.